Chris McNutt

Obsessed with progressive education. Chris was a digital design and media, as well as social studies teacher at a public school in Ohio. He is the Executive Director of HRP.

Hi I'm Chris McNutt

Shelley Buchanan

Shelley Buchanan is former ELL administrator, teacher, library media specialist, and school technology specialist. She has an avid interest in student agency, and the impact of politics on education.

Hi I'm Shelley Buchanan

Nick Covington

Nick taught social studies for 10 years in Iowa and has worked as a labor organizer. He is currently the Creative Director at the Human Restoration Project.

Hi I'm Nick Covington

Paul Kim

During his career, Paul Kim has taught everything from kindergarten to college. Along the way, he used design thinking to transform his classroom into a more inquisitive and creative space.

Hi I'm Paul Kim

Joelle Lamboley Ostrich

Mother and teacher. INFP, chaotic good, Virgo, skeptic. AP Literature teacher. Views are my own.

Hi I'm Joelle Lamboley Ostrich

Jacob Huckle

Jacob Huckle teaches English to multilingual learners in an international school in Asia and is also completing a Doctorate in Education focused on multilingualism & intercultural understanding.

Hi I'm Jacob Huckle

Burton Hable

Burton is a music educator in Central VA interested in pushing the boundaries of traditional paradigms to reach more students. He is fascinated by the intersection of music & maker-centered learning.

Hi I'm Burton Hable

Brian Charest

Brian Charest is an assistant professor at the University of Redlands and the lead instructor for the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program course in the School of Education.

Hi I'm Brian Charest

David Charles Metler

David is currently working with a wonderful team at Kindred World, a US based non-profit sharing the new story of childhood, to create the Kindred Fellowship Program.

Hi I'm David Charles Metler

Lisa Wennerth

Lisa is a high school English Language Arts teacher, online education facilitator for CEA, and department chair. She's kicked the grading habit and structures her classroom for humans.

Hi I'm Lisa Wennerth

Peter Sipe

Peter Sipe's writing has appeared in USA Today and the Harvard Educational Review. He teaches at a public middle school. If he gives you homework, you better do it.

Hi I'm Peter Sipe

Sean Michael Morris

Sean is currently Senior Instructor of Learning Design and Technology in the School of Education and Human Development at the University of Colorado Denver and Director of Digital Pedagogy Lab.

Hi I'm Sean Michael Morris

Theresa Walter

Theresa is a progressive English teacher and department chairperson who looks to make human connections with all her students and teachers.

Hi I'm Theresa Walter

LaTanya Coleman-Carter

I am a mother of 7 ( it’s a blended family), I have learned the importance of healing, so that my children do not inherit the pain and suffering of my past.

Hi I'm LaTanya Coleman-Carter

Vineeta Singh

College teacher. Study enthusiast. Against the white supremacist architecture of education. For students' dignity.

Hi I'm Vineeta Singh

Jacqueline Nelson

Jacqueline is an anti-bias educator and equity practitioner. A dedicated mother and wife. She is a passionate community builder and racial justice advocate with over a decade of teaching experience.

Hi I'm Jacqueline Nelson

Jonathan deHaan

Jonathan researches the why and how of teaching language and literacy with games in his Game Terakoya project. He co-edits the Ludic Language Pedagogy journal.

Hi I'm Jonathan deHaan

Thomas White

Thomas White is a high school English teacher, writer, and amateur gardener. He lives in Austin with his wife, his son, and two Australian Shepherd dogs. He writes about culture, policy, and school.

Hi I'm Thomas White

Lisa Biber

Lisa has been teaching English Language Arts for 12 years in her home-state of Wisconsin. She's also a registered yoga teacher with a passion for bringing mindfulness to the classroom.

Hi I'm Lisa Biber

Brennan Dignan

As a college counselor at a progressive international school in Hong Kong, Brennan's work attempts to infuse the post-graduation planning process with meaning and purpose as defined by the individual.

Hi I'm Brennan Dignan

Monte Syrie

Do. Reflect. Do Better. HS ELA Teacher, Project 180 Founder.

Hi I'm Monte Syrie

Dan Kearney

Dan is a social studies teacher in California. Formerly of the Peace Corps and international schools, Dan has a keen interest in creating school systems and culture that emphasize meaning and purpose.

Hi I'm Dan Kearney

Alicia Huculak (she/her)

Alicia is a jr. high humanities teacher just outside of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is committed to equity and radical change in education.

Hi I'm Alicia Huculak (she/her)

Eric M Schildge

Eric is an English/Drama teacher at Sparhawk School in Amesbury, MA. He collaborates with artists, writers, actors, journalists, and other professionals to bring learning to life for students.

Hi I'm Eric M Schildge

Tegan Morton

Tegan Morton is a science teacher and equity educator based in NYC. In addition to finding ways big and small to liberate education from oppressive systems.

Hi I'm Tegan Morton

Mary Wade

Mary operates and shares her thoughts on innovating education on, a non-profit focused on empowering students to take control of their learning.

Hi I'm Mary Wade

Traci Nicole Smith

I reside in New Orleans and have a PhD in Special Education. In 2019, I formed The Educational Epistolary, a consultancy focused on navigating education through a spiritual lens.

Hi I'm Traci Nicole Smith

Abe Moore

Primary school teacher in Adelaide, South Australia. Progressive education. Ungrading. Experiential learning. Learning to be a radical advocate of children.

Hi I'm Abe Moore

Timothy Fawkes

High school music teacher, musician, arts enthusiast, justice pursuer, cat fancier. [he/him/his] 🏳️‍🌈 Everything is a form of world-building, so let's build a good one.

Hi I'm Timothy Fawkes

Mark Barnett

Mark Barnett is the Learning Experience Designer/Head of Makerspace at Harbour School Hong Kong. Mark is dedicated to developing makerspaces that have all children succeed in learning.

Hi I'm Mark Barnett

Matthew Byars

A middle school teacher for almost 25 years, Matt currently serves as the Director of Service & Experiential Learning, 6th Grade Team Leader, and a 6th Grade English teacher at St. Paul’s School.

Hi I'm Matthew Byars


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